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Casina degli Specchi


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Casina degli Specchi was once the family residence of the Chigi Albani family. Built in 1720, it is a place where history, art and culture blend with comfort for an unforgettable stay.

Casina degli Specchi has 4 elegant rooms.


It can accommodate from 2 to 4 people, with decorated coffered ceiling and English Sanderson wallpaper.


A large room that can accommodate 2 people, with decorated coffered ceiling and English Sanderson wallpaper.


It can accomodate from 2 to 3 people. It is the only room on the ground floor, with a vaulted ceiling and a large chromotherapy shower.


A large room that can accommodate 2 people, decorated with a coffered ceiling and English Sanderson wallpaper.

Historical and artistic heritage

Hunting Residence of the Chigi Albani family.

The building dates back to 1720 and has a room in which the walls are covered with mirrors painted with cherubs and still life scenes. The frescoes were painted by Pietro Paolo Cennini (1661 – 1739) who received the commission from Cardinal Annibale Albani. Cennini also worked in numerous stately homes in Naples and Rome such as Palazzo Ruspoli, Villa Patrizi near Porta Pia, the Quirinale and in the Altieri, Lante and De Carolis palaces.

The central rose of the Room of Mirrors is attributed to Carlo Maratta. Adjacent to the Room of Mirrors, there is a large room with the doorframes and windows decorated with Delft tiles.
Casina degli Specchi is considered a building of historical importance and it is protected by the Italian Authority of Historical and Architectural sites.

Awards and partnerships



Taste of Tuscia and more: we present “our” restaurants

A selection of the best restaurants in Tuscia for all our guests. This is what we propose in this article: we present our partners and their specialties to complete your stay at Casina degli Specchi and discover the territory through quality food, local recipes and innovative proposals by young chefs. A journey that since November 2018 is also enriched by two Michelin stars!

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La Tuscia è una terra ricca di tesori naturalistici, culturali, termali ed eno-gastronomici da scoprire anche durante le feste. Un viaggio perfetto anche per le famiglie che possono immergersi nell’atmosfera natalizia del Caffeina Christmas Village. Ecco le nostre stanze, i nostri servizi e un’accurata selezione di ristoranti dove trascorrere Natale e Capodanno, e luoghi da visitare.

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