On the 7th of July 2017 the beech trees wood of Cimini Mountains was recognized by the Unesco Commission, which was reunited in Krakow, World Heritage Site. For us, it is a great pride that the wood where we grew up, has received such a high recognition.

All the beech trees woods of which Italy is rich, are listed in the world natural heritage sites list. In Europe, there are 11 other countries, including Germany, Albania, Austria and Spain. In Italy they extend from Tuscany to Calabria. Their asset is the particular biodiversity that they maintain, showing that they can adapt to different climatic, geographical and physical conditions.

The project of beech trees wood of Cimini Montains was supported by the University of Tuscia, especially by the professors Alfredo Di Filippo and Gianluca Piovesan who coordinated for Italy the scientific work carried out under the direction of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park and the international direction of the Austrian Ministry of the Environment. The project has been carried out for the uniqueness of the ecological and structural aspects.

We have always been convinced of the beauty of this forest, a magical place with strong colors and smells, where to find peace and quiet. Since childhood we have spent our time walking in the wood, with the school before and with our dogs then. Today we continue to attend it with our children and friends. Knowing that it obtained this important acknowledgment makes us very proud. For those who love nature, it is a place not to be missed!

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